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shop / osaka


Baluyett is a coffee shop and toffee with the concept of "This is the only place you can get close to your daily life.". A shop that serves original coffee and toffee with crispy caramel topped with chocolate. The store is located in a good location inside the Tennoji Station, and is designed to be simple and stylish with a two-tone design to differentiate it from other stores. The space where sweets stand out was intended to be an eye catch for passersby and a daily detour.



nennen co.,ltd.

10 Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan

graphic design / otto design lab.

construction / &S co.,ltd

photo / Ikunori Yamamoto

クライアント / 株式会社ネネン


グラフィック / オットーデザインラボ

施工 / アンドエス 國岡秀匡

撮影 / 山本育憲