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hotel / oita yufuin


A major Japanese inn "Sanso Warabino" in Yufuin Onsen, Oita Prefecture, is planned to be completely rebuilt. We set up an inn in Yufuin, and after 30 years, from the background of the land, we considered what is a new inn of Yufuin needed in the modern age as the owner and worked on everything from overall supervision to design.

Sanso Warabino is a quiet inn with a spacious area of 3500 tsubo located a little far from the busy sightseeing area of Yufuin. The previous inn was impressive with the trees in the site and the Japanese architecture of the annex. Based on this background, the construction plan was advanced as a concept of "An inn with a view of Yufuin". In light of the fact that it was closed due to the damage caused by the Kumamoto Earthquake, it was a quake-resistant inn, and in order to create a new definition for the land called Yufuin, a plan for a detached inn made of concrete began.

Next, as soon as we receive the picture of the completion of the construction, we will post the detailed outline at a later date.