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The RIZAP body training gym that has been designed in more than 30 stores nationwide since the grand design was changed on the occasion of a famous store. The concept was that "Authenticity = Genuine" in accordance with the philosophy of RIZAP, there should be a substantial depth of space. We replaced the fundamental changes in the body based on theory with transparent glass as the axis of space. At the entrance, marble and thick wood are placed on the chic flooring, and the mirror stainless counter is of high quality and welcomes guests gracefully. The glass that continues from the entrance has a powdery snow-like texture with soft light coming from below, and the passage that spreads softly towards the back widens the space, making the connection to the room clearer and enabling the change of consciousness. In addition, by placing textured material on the floor surface and dark colors on the ceiling surface for the object that brings the wall surface to white, an elegant high-class feeling is created and the space can be sharpened. The integration of materials such as braided floors, brass, glass, and wood will continue to present RIZAP's original image and its presence. A new fitness gym with a modern and simple design that is perfect for the future.










Client / RIZAP

Photography / Takahisa Ishii (Blitz STUDIO)

Client / ライザップ株式会社

撮影/石井紀久 (Blitz STUDIO)